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How to get to Palemilos apartments

  1. From the port or the airport of Heraklion take the left turning on the highway to Agios Nikolaos (60 km).
  2. Just before the city of Agios Nikolaos, there are signs on your left to Elounda (8 km).
  3. Follow the signs and after 12'-15' you arrive at Elounda.
  4. Drive to the central square, where you'll see the big church clock.
  5. Stand between the clock (on your right) and the traditional cafe of Maritsa (on your left).
  6. Drive straight on for 70m. and turn left at the butcher's. ΑΝΔΡΕΑΣ.
  7. Palemilos apts are is in 70m. on your right. The big Cedar tree before you, is the landmark of Palemilos apartments.   


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